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Site Resurrection

There is some information that I need to be able to propagate out to people, and I think that a web site is probably the best way.  I do not envision frequent content updates, or blog posts.  I have way too much going on to try to do that again.  If you feel the need to have a blog post, look at a picture of Andrew or Nick and imagine me saying "look at the cute/fun/interesting/smart thing _____________ did."

Speaking of being busy, Andrew is in swim team this year.  It involves practice 2-4 evenings a week an a handful of meets, they are listed below.

I will update the Christmas tab with some information about what the boys drool over in the toy section.

Regarding Holidays, we are planning of doing some things with family this holiday season.  All I know right now is we will be in Alexandria for Thanksgiving, and Christmas is on December 25th.

Swim Team Information

Andrew is in swim team for our local YMCA, in Shoreview this year.  This will bring several meets through February or March.  The meet schedule is as follows:

November 12th -  @ South St. Paul

December 3rd -  Home Vs. Blaisdale

December 11th -  TC Invitational (St. Thomas)

December 18th -  @ White Bear Lake

January 7th -  @ Austin

January 14th -  @ Southdale

January 21st -  @ New Hope

January 28-29th - Sectional Meet

February 12th - State Meet

March 10-11th - Regional Meet

I would like to direct your attention to our blogs

April and I both have been posting much more frequently to our blogs.  Honestly, they are easier to post to than editing this home page.  Also if you use Google Reader or another RSS reader you can subscribe to our blogs and have new content brought to you.  Or you can just read our blogs at kidswithfiber or thetimpearson

RSS Feeds:

April (kidswithfiber)

Tim (thetimpearson)

Speaking of New Content

One of the new features that will be coming will be video.  This weekend April and I finally bought a new video camera.  With busy schedules, and distances to drive, and just the fact that the kids act different around anyone else, we thought it would be fun to be able to show some short video.  I will be able to upload video once I get a USB viedo capture card, which should be in the next week. 

We are unboxing the original content and will have a shipment of new content coming in the next couple of weeks.

 Picture of the week.

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  What we are reading.

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