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The Next Holliday

Well, class is done.  So now I think I will have some time to update the site.  Andrew has finished his "regular preschool". Regular preschool is defined as not speach preschool. April went to the graduation ceremony and discribed it as one big photo op for the kids.  Andrew is doing really well at speach preschool, his teacher has been shocked by how much he has improved in 1/2 of a year.  I think he has a couple more weeks of speach preschool. I would have a picture up here of his graduation, but that is old news (and we did not have a camera with).  
The new news is that we are "up north" for the extended weekend. We just got up here late Friday night, so we really have not done much yet.  It did not help that we got about an inch of rain over the course of the day.  Andrew and I played some games and did a puzzle then watched Cars (the movie, there really are no cars to just watch going by up here).  Nick played pinball with Dad today.  Dan and Nancy have a cool old pinball machine that makes noise and shakes, that combined with the ball rolling around is enough to keep nick entertained.  The scores are not too high since Nick sits right above the flappers and so it is a bit hard to see.  Andrew still wants to go fishing, and we are thinking of going into town tomorrow too.  April needs more yarn for a sweater for Andrew and there is a petting zoo that looks cool. 
Nick has really been growing up fast.  He likes to eat real food now.  He eats 2 meals a day of kid food, and just devours that food.  He also really enjoys his snacks throughout the day of O's and baby puffy things. Laying down is also no longer cool, he figured out how to sit.  I am guessing that there is lots more to see and it is easier to play with toys.
Since I am done with my photography class, I have started to take family pictures again.  I am working on portraits of the kids, hopefully that will be done soon, so I can have those prints to give out this summer.


It is that time of year again.  The time when the kids know it is spring, but can't go outside due to sloppy or inclement weather. That is where the "oing"comes from.  Andrew has been just bouncing off the walls.  He really needs to get outside. Nick, well he is just figuring out what outside is. I think he really likes it, he was really enjoying the sun today. Speaking of Nick, we have moved him to temporary accomidations in the back sewing room.  His room still not done, and April and I needed him out of our room.  Also with the move was a change in who gets up with him at night.  I guess that dad is not the same so after about 2 weeks of getting a bottle from dad at 3am, he started to sleep mostly through the night.  I guess I should have had the room done sooner.  Anyway, I am very happy I started getting up with him.  Andrew has been busy with Preschool, Speach Preschool, Swimming Lessons, and Tumbling.  He is now done with tumbling,and he can maybe pick it up in the fall, but we are just too busy for 2 activities right now.

Last weekend (Easter weekend)  we went to Mankato to visit April's grandparents.  We were in Chaska for an Easter egg hunt and figured we were half way there.

My classes are comming to a close (finally).  I only have 2 weeks of photography and, 4 or 5 weeks of Technical Writing left.  I only have to take 4 rolls of film this week to finish the final project.  

...Happy Birthday DearAndrew...

It is Andrews birthday today.  It was kind of a few day celebration of his 4 years of life.  We were going to have family over to our house on Sunday for cake, snacks and presents.  The weather kind of got in the way of that.  It started that church was canceled on sunday.  It was Christian Education Sunday, and we were going to have a potluck and a pine wood derby race afterword. Andrew and I had build a yellow and black hummer to race, he was really excited about the race. As he was painting it, he told me that he was practicing painting cars so he could do it when he got big.  He was also dissapointed when there was not going to be a race.  While looking at the paper at home and trying todecide on lunch since there was not going to be a potluck, we saw some coupons for Chuck E' Cheese's and thought Andrew would have fun with that. He really did to (how could you not with pizza, cake, games and a playland).  April made a Lightning McQueen Cake that Andrew was just in awe of.  She did a really good job, just like the previous 3 cakes.  Today he started a new preschool, they had a birthday party for him too.  Then we had cake and Ice Cream after dinner tonight, and he opened a couple of presents.  Istopped at REI and bought him some snowshoes.  They really weren't birthday presents, but since I bought them on his birthday, they became birthday presents.  April and I got snowshoes for Christmas, so now maybe we can go out this weekend and have a couple of feet of snow to snowshoe over.

Nickis becomming a very large boy.  At his 4 month appointment at the beginning of the month he was 16.5 pounds and 27.5 inches tall,which litterally off the chart.  He had another appointment 2 weeks later and was 17.5 pounds!  He has started to eat solid foods too.  He is just so interested in them, so he has had cereal and sweet potatoes. He is mostly wearing 9-12 month clothes and would very much like to walk, but just does not have the leg strength yet.

Bythe way April updated her blog with a brief history of Andrew, you should check it out"

Also -All of February's photosare HERE


The Peason Archives

These are some of the last posts from when the site was hosted with Microsoft.  Unfortunately, when I moved the site, I did not grab the old archive page.  So items previous to Andrews' fourth birthday did not happen.  Nick was never born, all of a sudden we had a happy 6 month old.  Also, none of the stuff last summer happened, and I guess I did not take classes last fall.  To prevent this loss of time again, I will remember to grab the archives when I leave next time.  Also there will be new items added to the archives when I tire of seeing it on the front page.